kt Care


we care about you

Simple. Effective. Safe. The KT Care glove enables perfect makeup removal using only water. Its secret? A revolutionary and exclusive type of microfiber that easily and deeply extracts the smallest particles for perfectly clean and healthy skin.

we care about the planet

At KT Care, we care about our environment. At the same time, we believe that it is possible to reconcile the well-being of the planet with our own comfort. Our approach is neither perfect nor infallible, but our efforts are very real.

Our products

Every glove in the KT Care range guarantees perfect makeup removal by using only water. The revolutionary microfiber used is a KT Care exclusive that cleanses and purifies the skin. The fiber penetrates into each pore, capturing and absorbing the tiniest of impurities. To achieve perfectly clean, healthy skin, gently, chemical-free and without damaging your skin or the environment.