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Discovery pack - Soft cleansing and make-up removal gloves

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Our discovery pack includes three make-up remover and washing gloves:

  • Very small and can be taken everywhere.
  • Extremely supple and designed to be used with two, three or four fingers.
  • Hand or machine washable at 60°C.
  • Guarantee perfect cleansing of and make-up removal from your skin.
  • Will remain effective for a minimum of two years.

Our new MiniFluffy make-up remover and wash mitt is distinguished by its extremely soft knit. The texture is different from The Nude, but the use is almost identical: one glove and water for  perfect make-up removal and ideally clean, glowing and relaxed skin. Incomparable softness for deep cleansing of and make-up removal from delicate to super-sensitive skin.


Our new small FluffyNude cleansing and exfoliating glove is a clever blend of two fibre technologies. It combines the characteristics of The Nude's make-up remover and exfoliator with the extreme softness of Fluffy.

Like all the gloves in our KT Care range, it is distinguished by its knitted design. Extremely soft, it penetrates deep into the skin, while its loops enable it to remove all dirt.

Nude Small

Our small exfoliating cleansing glove is very effective for deep cleansing your face. Ideal for normal and non-delicate skin, it will carefully unclog every pore.

Its knitted fabric is composed of microfilament loops enabling access to the heart of your epidermis and remove all the impurities from your skin in one smooth gesture, as well as the most stubborn make-up, including waterproof products.
For perfect and uncompromising make-up removal, with nothing but water and above all without excessive pressure.

Would you like to give one as a gift? Order gift wrapping.

We believe that gift wrapping can be both elegant and environmentally sensitive. The packaging materials used for our gift wrap are FSC-certified or recycled. No plastic is used.

User tips

  • Face Cleanser
  • Face and Body Wash
  • Face and Body Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types

Specially designed for:

  • Normal skin (MiniFluffy, FluffyNude, Nude Small)
  • Teenage acne skin (MiniFluffy, FluffyNude, Nude Small)
  • Baby delicate skin (MiniFluffy)
  • Senior thin skin (MiniFluffy, FluffyNude)

Knit fabric composition

All our gloves are:

  • White in colour - no dyes
  • Seamless on the sides
  • Reversible - double-sided
  • 79% polyester
  • 21% acrylic
  • 72% polyester
  • 14% nylon
  • 14% rubber (cuff)
Nude Small
  • 70% polyester
  • 30% nylon

Areas of use

  • Individuals
  • SPA & Beauty treatments
  • Artists & Modelling
  • Hotels
  • Sport & Travel

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