New actions for our planet

KT Home SA was founded by Babette Keller Liechti, a woman entrepreneur known for her expertise in the field of microfibre. Through her sister company Keller Trading SA, she has been supplying the most prestigious luxury brands for three decades, particularly those active in the highly demanding fields of Swiss watchmaking and jewellery.

A mother and grandmother long since convinced of the potential of microfibre and its applications in everyday life, she has consistently developed new product ranges that soon prove to be indispensable. Innovative, practical, fun, but above all sustainable in response to a dramatically concerning global ecological situation.

gant démaquillant kt home suisse

Babette reinvents everyday gestures in many contexts: with her line of water-based cleansing and make-up removal gloves, she is de facto eliminating the plastic bottles used for make-up removal products, as well as the pesticides used to cultivate the cotton used to make the pads. Just one of these small washable gloves has the power to eliminate more than 3,000 cotton pads and other make-up remover wipes over a two-year period.

In terms of hygiene and her health protection range, her duo carbon fibre towel can be used for all the most unpleasant household tasks, in a single gesture and simply with water. This towel has been designed to replace all toxic solvents that are harmful to humans and our environment, with the aim of removing all kinds of dirt, such as grease and limescale, while eliminating proliferating bacteria.

Babette has taken on the task of reinventing toxic solvents, under the name Les Eaux du Joaillier. It was through her contact with industry she realised that the liquids used to clean industrial or private precious metals were extremely toxic for both users and the environment. The Les Eaux du Joaillier range will take care of your jewellery by immersing it in clear, non-toxic water for ten minutes. Your jewellery and other objects will regain their original shine, while preserving your health and that of our sewers. Products entirely developed in Switzerland.


Each product is designed to meet four essential requirements: Efficiency, Durability, Excellence and Eco-responsibility. Faithful to the technique that has forged her company’s reputation: that of product-neutral microfibre made of fibre only.


But today, Babette wants to go even further and is working hard on fibres made from recycled polyester using bottles found in our oceans.

While she realises that her glove can revolutionise the make-up removal ritual for hundreds of millions of women around the world through its ecological benefits, she is not insensitive to humanitarian causes and is keen that her little gloves should also become a standard bearer for oppressed women and children in a small part of our planet and who do not have the opportunity to provide the care their children need.

As a result, together with a carefully selected humanitarian partner on the ground, she is working on a global campaign for Afghan women to enable all of them to participate in the provision of medical facilities they need.

Only women can help women! Although the environment is an urgent priority for Babette, respect for women and children is the one she wishes to pass on to her children and grandchildren.


"New actions for our planet".


This is how she formulates her mission.