Everyday - ultra-thin antimicrobial mask

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During the lockdown period, we worked with our Korean partner and friend to develop a new mask from an existing fiber certified by the FDA in the United States and the Koteri organization in South Korea. It has an antimicrobial silver fiber. This mask has obtained STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX® from TESTEX in Switzerland.

For your comfort and the well-being of the planet, we offer the possibility of reusing our product.

  • Everyday is aimed at the general public but also at the industry.
  • We remind you that this mask is only an urban protective mask and not an FFP2 (medical) mask.
  • It is washable & reusable up to 50 times (until a hole appears).
  • Ultra-light, super covering, sober, comfortable and can be worn on all occasions.
  • Its ultra-thin thickness causes no discomfort, no fogging for eyeglass wearers, if it is well adapted.
  • It is also anti-UV and allergenic.
  • Always distributed individually with mention of the size.
  • We advise you to wear two masks alternately.

PLEASE NOTE: for hygiene reasons, no right to return masks is granted.

Precaution for use

  • We point out that all masks on the market are susceptible to infection.
  • During use: if the mask must be removed for a certain period of time, please remove it gently, without handling it, fold it and insert it in a pouch or envelope provided for this purpose, taking care to disinfect your hands.
  • After use: remove the mask carefully and hang it in an isolated place for at least 12 hours.
  • Be sure to wash your hands and disinfect them before wearing the mask and after removing it because like all masks, it is susceptible to infection.
  • Due to the composition of the microfiber, it is not necessary to wash it between each use.
  • Machine wash at 60 degrees, minimum 30 minutes.

Removing your mask

When the mask deteriorates, a hole or a break in the seam, a final wash at 60 ° will be sufficient and it can thus be placed in your laundry bag intended for recycling.

His secret: the Silver fiber

Woven microfiber, composition 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane & mixed silver fiber.

Sizes & Colors

  • Colors: Black & Night Blue
Taille Largeur Hauteur
XS (available soon)  15 cm 12 cm
S 15.7 cm 13 cm
M 16.5 cm 14.5 cm
L 16.5 cm 16.2 cm
XL 17.5 cm 17.8 cm
XXL (available soon)  18.5 cm 17.8 cm



Our "Everyday" product is packaged in the first transparent BioCello packaging, ecological because it is plant-based and compostable at home. Always distributed individually, never in batches, for obvious hygienic reasons.

Industrial quantities & customizations

Our entire collection can be adorned with a message by silkscreen printing or embossing. This service is only available for industries. For industrial quantities an offer will be established on request.

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