The multiple advantages of KT Care makeup removal gloves

Fast and efficient

The KT Care glove is made of a revolutionary and exclusive microfiber which, once wet, enables quick and efficient makeup removal resulting in significant time saving.

Nothing but water

Where your makeup removal ritual requires the application of products to your skin to remove your makeup, the KT Care glove works with water. Nothing but water. Risk-free care for your skin, more effectively and the simplest way in the world.

Free of chemical products

Unlike traditional makeup removal methods such as wipes or chemical makeup remover liquids, the KT Care glove is made of untreated, undyed fibers and is used with water only. For your skin’s well-being.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The KT Care makeup remover glove is hypoallergenic and because its daily use requires no soap or aggressive products to dissolve makeup, the KT Care glove is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Lasts longer than two years

The lifespan of a KT Care makeup remover glove is at least two years. It can withstand hundreds of machine washes and as many tumble dryings, without losing its effectiveness.

Hugely beneficial for the environment

The impact of makeup removal on the environment is overwhelming. Every day around the world, more than a billion used wipes or makeup remover pads are dumped in our landfills – all too often, even directly into the sewers. And every year, billions of plastic bottles for makeup removal liquids are produced and then discarded. Daily use of a KT Care makeup remover glove makes it possible to stop this pollution immediately, effortlessly, without sacrificing anything or compromising our comfort in any way.

Welcome savings

In addition to being kind to the skin and the environment, the reusable KT Care glove generates significant savings by avoiding the use of cotton pads, wipes and makeup remover products.