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Afghan Women

The situation of Afghan women is more than critical, according to the report of January 17, 2022, denounced by the UN experts:

  1. Women are the priority targets of the new doctrine of the new regime in Kabul.
  2. Closure of the Ministry of Women's Affairs.
  3. Institutionalization of discrimination and gender-based violence on a large scale and in a systematic way against women and girls.
  4. Exclusion of women from social, economic and political spheres throughout the country.
  5. Measures affecting women's ability to work, pushing them deeper into poverty.
  6. Prohibition for women to return to work.
  7. Obligation for a male relative to accompany them in public spaces.
  8. Imposition of a strict dress code for women and girls only.
  9. The fundamental right of women and girls to secondary and higher education continues to be violated, "under the pretext that women and men must be separated and that female students must respect a specific dress code.
  10. Closure of many shelters for women survivors of gender-based violence, with potentially fatal consequences for the many victims who need these services.
  11. Increased risk of exploitation of women and girls, including trafficking for child and forced marriage, sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Words fail us, so much this situation touches us. The full article is available via the following link:

Experts decry measures to ‘steadily erase’ Afghan women and girls from public life

We cannot remain silent. 

How can we help? By buying, or offering, our make-up remover glove, of which 50% of the proceeds of its sales will be used to help these women.

Please post your videos on your social networks, by mentionning «A new touch for our planet, a single touch for Afghan Women » They need us.

In order to manage the use of the funds raised through this action, we are working on a collaboration with a recognized NGO. We will keep you informed as soon as, we hope, this partnership is confirmed. 


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